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  The Suncraft Architectural downlighting series exemplifies quality architectural interior lighting. Engineered for performance, style and efficiency, the family of LED, compact fluorescent, incandescent and metal halide luminaires utilize the latest lamp and ballast technologies,Product collections include accent, wall wash and general illumination downlight.  
The Suncraft lighting Architectural Cylinders offer a wide selection of aperture seizes, lamp options and mounting configurations. Cylinders are available in multiple finishes and feature a durable aluminum spun housing, no visible hardware and high performance optics. For the ultimate in energy efficacy, cylinders are now available with a LED light source. Suncraft lighting architectural cylinders offer quality and performance proving to be the top choice of lighting specifiers.                                                                                          More>>>

Vortech Exterior-Wall Sconce-Full Cut Off Wall Sconce High Pressure Sodium
Downlighting-4" CMH G12 / G8.5 Adjustable Accent
Downlighting-4" Ceramic Metal Halide G12 / G8.5
Downlighting-4" HID Metal Halide
Downlighting-8”"Horizontal Wall Wash Compact Fluorescent


Downlighting-8" Vertical Wall Wash Compact Fluorescent
Downlighting- 6" 1100lm LED Round
Downlighting- 4" 700lm LED Square
Downlighting- 4" 1100lm / 1300lm / 2000lm LED Square
Downlighting- 4" 1100lm / 1300lm / 2000lm LED round


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